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It’s hard to put how I feel about Charlottesville into words. But I see what’s happening and I see a lack of responses to it. Maybe people don’t realize how serious this is, or feel uncomfortable saying something or don’t want to get involved, but a woman was killed by a fucking nazi on Saturday.

These white supremacist assholes believe in one race’s superiority over others. They believe in genocide. Some say violence isn’t the answer, we should let them speak because of Free Speech and all that. Fuck that. How is that dialogue going to go?





These people don’t deserve free speech, extreme violence is incorporated into their very beliefs. We know what the nazis did and what they believe, we don’t need to hear “their side.” Some say violence isn’t the answer but in this case, it might be. These nazis don’t believe that others deserve to live, their very existence as nazis are a threat so violence against them is pre-emptive self defense.

These assholes should not get time to broadcast their hateful message, they should not get media airtime and if someone disrupts them trying to do so with a punch, I support it.

Now let’s turn to our disgraceful president. The man is quick to label Mexicans as rapists and Muslims as terrorists makes a statement about violence and hatred on “all sides.” AFTER NAZIS KILLED SOMEONE. When asked to condemn white nationalists in his statement, he walked out. He has signalled to these nazi mofos that what they are doing is okay, he even mentioned “cherishing our history.”

I can’t imagine being a person of color right now. Terrifying? sure but I’m also sure that this may not have surprised them. They have been dealing with racism their entire lives, so this isn’t something new. It’s surprising to us white people who haven’t been paying attention, or been thinking racism was in the past.

If you’re white, say something, post something or share something that shows you do not side with the white nationalists who marched on saturday. Do it on whatever social media you use, in whatever way you can. Support the causes that are fighting these nazis. Some of you may be thinking “I’m obviously against nazis so I don’t need to say anything” but it’s not obvious, not when the president of the united states has trouble condemning nazis. So please, show you’re against this shit, condemn the actions of white nationalists, white supremacists and nazis.


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