Why Three Blogs?

Why am I trying to write three blogs? It doesn’t make sense when I can’t even keep one updated regularly. It’s these ideas that I have, that I want to put out there, that I want to write about. I thought putting each into a blog would be a good idea, you know, keep this one focused on writing, my homebrew one on homebrewing, etc. But it’s silly. Having three blogs to update is too difficult for me.

Which is why I’ll be bringing the substance of those blogs to this one over time. I’ll title and tag each one appropriately so if you’re uninterested in the minutae of the process of homebrewing or the tales of video game fiction, you can simply skip the post.

I decided this blog is for me more than it is for others, a place to write what I want to write about, a place for my interests. If I want to write about something, I’m going to put it here instead of creating an entirely new place for it. At the least, it will keep me updating this blog more often, even if the topics or subjects aren’t fiction or don’t have to do with writing.

I feel good about this decision. Focusing, cutting away extraneous side-substance is a good thing. It will be interested to see what happens. Might as well try, right? Do first, ask questions later. Whatever happens, that’s still the motto of this blog.


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