Home Brewed Wisdom: Introduction

experiences brewing beer

If you’re confused about why you’re reading a post about home brewing on this blog, click here and all will be explained.

Homebrewing (or home brewing or even home-brewing) is a hobby and a craft. The freedom in brewing a great beer is similar to that of cooking a great meal. When all the ingredients come together, when you spend time and effort going through the process and the end-product is enjoyable, you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

When I have 40-50 bottles of homebrew sitting in the office, I feel great. That’s success. I’ve turned $50 of ingredients into my very own beer, at about a cost of $1-2 per bottle! When I taste that homebrew and it’s delicious, I feel validation for the time, energy and money well-spent.

It’s not easy and it’s not quick. You need patience to let the wort boil and the primary fermentation to complete and the bottle priming to finish. You need diligence to clean and sanitize every piece of equipment you use. You need hard work to scrub debris out of the bottom of a bottle or a glass carboy.

But cracking a bottle of homebrew, pouring it into a glass, seeing the color, smelling the hops and tasting the beer…makes it all worth it.

This blog is going to have some posts about Home brewing because it’s a hobby I partake in, enjoy, and have thoughts about. I’m going to try to show my experiences and what I’ve learned, maybe helping out new home brewers along the way.

Now, there’s tons of information already out there in various forms. There’s hundreds of threads on multiple forums, there’s dozens of software and apps you can use, and I’m sure there’s thousands of blog posts, articles, and newsletters as well. So what’s the point in having one more? Why am I contributing?

I’ll admit, in this day and age, with information at our fingertips like it is, you will likely be able to find most of the information here elsewhere on the internet. You can always find information about ANYTHING on the internet and this is true in regards to home brewing as well. So again, what use is there for me to put out anything? Anything I say will likely be out there in some form or another anyways, right?

First of all, just because information is out there doesn’t mean it’s reliable or valid. It may not be easy to find and even if you find it, you might not be able to understand and utilize it.

The sheer volume of conflicting information can be overwhelming and intimidating. I know from personal experience searching for advice.

These posts will be attempts to synthesize and simplify information as well as giving my honest opinion and experiences. I’ll discuss my techniques, my experiences, and my issues, as well as providing links to resources for further reading. I’ll talk about the various opinions on the home brewing forums, the places I’ve found good information and the applications I’ve found useful. I’ll be giving my personal experiences over the half a dozen years I’ve been home brewing and try to give you information as well as an enjoyable reading experience.

I’ll take you through your first brew, through confusing instructions and haphazard boil-overs, through bottle-bombs and steeping grains.

It all sounds more difficult and dense than it is, trust me. Home brewing is worth the effort and the struggle. If you’re not into home brewing, maybe you’ll find this an interesting look into a hobby that is growing immensely popular across the United States.


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