I’m writing a “game” in Twine. Or should I say I’m writing a “story” in Twine?

It’s an easy to use program for writing Interactive Fiction. Think “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Games, where you get a choice which brings you to new things or even death. Twine games can be simple or complex. People have become incredibly creative with it, crafting experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. Here is where you can read about it, use it for yourself and check it out. You want good examples of Twine games, you say? Try Howling Dogs or Even Cowgirls Bleed or maybe Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha ? All good, entertaining, a bit strange but definitely interesting. Definitely different.

You can add in a bunch of code if you’d like, variables for hitpoints or random dice roles or just write up a story, put in a couple choices and let readers choose their own adventure. It’s really quite simple….Or deep, as much as you’d like.

I’m writing a story in the world of the zone, where a cataclysmic event has ruined an area but also created a market for radiated “trinkets” that hold strange powers. On the edge of the zone, something happens, and you search for a man, heading closer to the center, where there is more danger, where memories fade and come back, where time itself seems to weaken…

Anyways, try it out, check out some twine games, they all run in your browser. They’re at least worth an experience.


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