Nanowrimo Day 3

I need tentpoles. By that I mean I need an outline. Pantsing it one day at a time is a struggle and it would be a nice way to lay out the important beats I want to hit throughout the story. Big tentpoles for important moments, leaving the details and minor scenes in between blank canvases for me to fill in.

Day 3 is here and with it, more difficulties. I’ll be going out to dinner, spending less time at my humble abode and computer. I may be forced to stay up late as I did last night, frantically tip-tapping away at my keyboard. I was going to wake up early today, 5am sharp, exercise, shower, then write. Alas, best-laid plans and all that. I went back to sleep until 6 and had to get ready for the day.

Here I am though, writing away. Tunneling forward through the dirt and rock of all that stands in my way. I will come through the other side. I will be victorious!

As you will be, if you are taking on this monstrous undertaking with me. Take my metaphorical hand and we will write together, scribbling in the dark when most sleep.

What bothers you, troubles you, holds you back from completing the task, completing the quota? Use what is necessary, rewards, positive self-talk, whatever it is you need, use it, and write. Ignore the questions, the haters, the don’ters, the nagging, the self-doubt. Write. Take negative thoughts and channel them into your writing. Do not look back at your writing and think ‘this is garbage’, think ‘this is the first draft’ or ‘I can fix it later’. What you can’t fix is empty space. Ideas left in your head, regardless how perfect they seem in there, are less than the imperfect sentences and words you string together when writing those ideas down. What’s written on the page may not live up to the original idea in your head and that’s fine, that’s generally how it works.

I wrote that previous bit in the morning, now evening has come and a full day has been gone through. My willpower is sapped, my energy fleeting, weary tiredness enveloping my body. I do not want to write, I want to sleep. I do not want to write, I want to veg out in front of the television. What do you do when this happens?

I think I shall have some tea.


Yes. With tea, I got back into the zone and achieved quota in an hour or less. The tea really helped. The distraction required to make it, a simple routine: fill tea kettle, heat it up, get mug, get teabag, put teabag in mug, kettle boils, pour it in mug, add a little maple syrup and milk(this was chai tea), mix it with a spoon and let it steep for a couple minutes. Boom. Even that simple little routine energized me. Then you have the warmth of the mug in your hand, the aroma filling your nostrils, the flavor filling your mouth. It enhances your senses, it re-energizes you. It’s a fantastic coping strategy to help keep you on track and writing.

Keep that in your toolbox, if it might work for you. Oh, your toolbox? Your writing toolbox? That’s the imaginary place you keep your strategies. You know, the tricks for making up names, the keys to crafting worlds, the idea-generation machine, all that good stuff. The tools that help you write. Everyone needs a metaphorical toolbox. It holds your imaginary tools, your thoughtful processes, your way of getting things done, completed, finito, finished. YOU GO GET EM DONE GOOD GO DO IT!

This post got rather silly so I’ll end it before it stops making any sense. DAY 3 DOWN! KEEP IT GOING! 5000 WORDS WHATS UP! SUCK IT WRITERS BLOCK YOU AINT GOT SHIT ON ME, YOU AINT GOT SHIT ONNNNNN ME! IM KING KONG UP IN HERE!
I’ll leave you with a motivational video. Sometimes you need a little kick in the pants. This video will remind you you’re alive, you’re awake and life is pretty awesome so start writing:


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