It’s that time of the year. The time of noveling, of writing, when caffeine-intake rises disproportionately and all over the internet, writers come together to participate, talk about, disparage or support during national novel writing month.

I find it useful, it forces me to write, it’s motivational. It also builds community. It’s simply fun. I don’t understand those who look down on it or insult those who participate, the ones who raise their noses and say “that’s not how you write a novel, blah blah blah”. If you don’t like it, don’t participate, that’s all. Why rain on someone else’s parade? Why insult those who are just having fun?

Nanowrimo is also a great event that exemplifies the spirit of this blog, the spirit of Writing First. If you’re doing Nano, you don’t have time for questions, you HAVE to WRITE FIRST. Let the questions come in December, when you have some form of a novel in front of you, living, breathing, a creation of yours that you assembled in 30 days with sweat and tears.

I was trying to decide, with November coming, whether to focus on blogging or noveling. I enjoy blogging and forcing myself to write 50,000 words of posts would give me alot of content to work with and allow me to schedule posts for many weeks, or that is the hope. It would also allow me to jumpstart my future home-brewing blog and perhaps my Write-Long idea. I also wanted to participate in the fictional novel-writing aspect as well though, so I was experiencing a conundrum.

So today I decided screw it. Write first, right?

I’m doing both.

1667 words of noveling a day. 1000 words of blogging. That will mean 80,000 total words written over the month. That sounds crazy. That sounds like it may be impossible. Perhaps it is. I look forward to giving it a try, though. Some of my posts will likely be posted during the month of November but most will likely be fodder for future posts, as I do not want to flood my blog with a long-winded post every day. How will it go? No idea.
Time to write


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