Working on a Project

I apologize for the lack of substantial blog posts lately. I’ve been relegated to posting old flash fiction on the blog once a week because I’m invested in a project. I’m writing a short story to submit to Myriad Lands, “an anthology of non-western fantasy.” Why did I grab onto this project?

I suppose I needed a guiding star. There are times I sit in front of my computer, ready to write but unsure what to work on. I have numerous projects half-finished, finished but un-edited, half-started, etc. A multitude that at times freezes my hands before they can type. I waffle between one or the other, thinking this one might be publishable or this one interests me the most. It does me no good to be ready to write but unable to commit to a project.

So I saw this opportunity and I had an idea to go with it, an idea I had already written half a story for, it just needed some love, some alteration, some changes. So I went into it. I only have a few days left and it still needs some work, so that is what my focus will be on in the near future, not on this blog. I do guarantee I will keep you informed as to the process and product that is finally released, whether it is accepted or not.

At the moment, the story is set into an alternate wild west fantasy world, which is hopefully far enough from ‘non-western fantasy’ to count. Either way, I’m  having fun writing it and intend to finish on time. It’s exciting as I am not one to send my work out, as silly as that sounds for a writer to say. It can be difficult to overcome the negative feelings and actually put yourself out there as a creator.

Wish me luck.


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