It Slowly Grows

It’s easy to get discouraged as a writer or a blogger. It’s easy to ask yourself if anyone will care what you write, or if anyone will even read it. It’s difficult to see the future readers of your work, viewing it with pleasure or curiosity, when you’re staring at a blank screen. It’s easy to look at your meager number of followers, likes, hits, etc. and wonder “what’s the point?”

The point is, those numbers, however meager, mean that somebody is out there reading your shit. A single follower means somebody out there actually cares and enjoys your content enough to get updated each and every time you make something new. That’s impressive.

I’m thankful for everyone who’s decided to follow this blog and read the content I put out there, the flash fiction, the writing ramblings, whatever I decide to put up. I have only a handful, but it grows slowly, one view, one follower at a time. It’s not going to explode with hundreds of views out of nowhere.

You have to build an audience, not expect it to appear out of nowhere. How do you build it? How do you help it grow? By putting out more content. By writing first and ignoring those doubting questions until later. Readers want to read. Followers want new updates to keep them interested. People want to see your views, thoughts, your creations, your art. Every post could mean another view, a like, a new follower, who may recommend you to others.

I felt discouraged not long ago, but then I put out the ‘THEY FIGHT CRIME” flash fiction posts and gained a follower or two, and immediately felt joy. Another reader. It made me want to continue, to put out more content for those readers to read and enjoy. Unluckily, it’s becoming a busy part of the year, what with work and graduate school and my own wedding coming up next summer, but I will strive to update. For my current readers, and for any future readers who stumble here and find something they like.

Don’t get discouraged by statistics, by numbers, by useless thoughts and questions that wonder at the point of something. The point is to Create. An act of Creation needs no reason for being there, needs no questioning. It simply is.

Go make something. Then show someone. Let your Creation be experienced.

Show me. I will read it, I will experience it. I will provide feedback and as much insight as I can manage.

Humans are nothing if not Creators of Things.


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