(This is flash fiction I wrote and posted at my old blog at Occasionally I’ll be taking posts I made there and reposting them here to get more eyes on them and so that, eventually, the majority of my online writing work can be found in one place. This is one of my favorite pieces of flash fiction. The first part is here, read on for the second part.)

Back in the car, Frederick sat in the driver’s seat. He turned on the car and put the gear in drive when Selene gripped his wrist. He turned to her and noticed she was shaking.
Her eyes were wide behind her glasses.
“Fred, tell me what the fuck is going on.”
He’d never seen her like this, shaken, exposed. “I told you about vampires.”
She threw up her hands. “No, you didn’t. You said there were monsters like them where you came from. You never said anything about them being here.”
“I didn’t know.”
She shook her head and looked away. “I’ve swallowed a lot of shit, Fred. I can accept some of it. That you’re a werewolf, well, I’ve seen it. That you come from another world, like mine but with shapeshifters and vampires? That’s a tall order but I can take it. But these…vampires? Here? Killing and drinking blood?” She shook her head again. “It’s out of a fucking nightmare.”
Frederick turned to her. “If you’re scared, I get it. If you want out, I understand,” he said in a soft voice. He knew exactly what he was doing.
She glared. “I’m not fucking afraid. I’ll-” She stopped, making a noise of frustration. “I know what you’re doing.”
He smirked. “You going soft on me, Selene?”
“Never. Just tell me everything.”
He shrugged and spoke as he drove. “I told you most of it. I don’t know how I came here, only that I am here. It is similar to my world…only more alive. It was the vampires that doomed my home. They are the monsters who only live to feed and feast upon the living until there is nothing left. They perpetuate their numbers with a single bite. That is why my home dies, overrun by them.” He snarled. “I hoped never to see them again. To find them here…and involved in the law enforcement? It bodes ill.”
Selene pulled out the pistol she kept in a shoulder holster underneath her business suit. She checked the ammo and snapped the clip back in.
Back to business.
Nothing disturbed her for long. On the outside, at least. “Well, let’s fucking kill them then.”
He pulled up to a ratty two-story house, dulled yellow paint and windows covered by cardboard.
“They’ll have guards,” he said.
“Vampires are slow and weak during the day. It’s when they sleep. That’s why the one back there was so easy to handle. This is their nest for the day. They wouldn’t leave themselves undefended.”
“Who would guard a blood-sucking vampire?”
“They find people, give them a taste of their blood, sweeter than any drug. One taste and the human’s addicted for life. We called them the Devoted.” Frederick looked at his partner. “I didn’t think you’d be so keen on killing them. Figured you’d want to get evidence against them, get them arrested, follow the law, you being a lawyer and all.”
“I know what things the law can handle. Blood-sucking vampires from another world ain’t one of those things.”
Frederick nodded.
Selene slipped the gun into her purse as she got out of the car.
They walked up to the door and Frederick pounded on it.
The sun hung high in the sky, not long after noon.
The knob turned and the door opened a couple inches, chain near the top cinching tight.
A haggard face peered out.
Frederick saw red in the man’s eyes.
“Who the fuck are you?” the man asked.
Frederick threw his shoulder into the door, busting the chain.
The door caught the man in the face.
Frederick charged in, grabbing the man and shoving him against the wall. “How many?” Frederick growled.
The man grunted, stunned.
Footsteps in the hall.
A man turned the corner wearing only sweatpants but holding an uzi at his side. “Dunn, who is-“
Selene moved.
The gun kicked in her hand, gunshots ringing in the air.
The man fell.
“Cops are going to be here fast,” Selene said, her eyes on the fallen man.
“Forget him, Selene, he’s barely human.” Frederick slammed the man he was holding against the wall and dropped him to the ground.
The thug didn’t move.
Frederick changed.
Fur sprouted all over.
He grew taller, muscles bulging, face mutating into the musculature of a wolf.
More footsteps.
Frederick heard them.
“One from that way, two from the kitchen,” Frederick growled around long fangs. He went to the kitchen.
Two men came, pistols in hand. They fired, bad shaky shots but a couple hit Frederick.
He didn’t notice. He grabbed them.
A couple quick movements, claws tearing open throats and stomachs.
Blood and guts splashed against the walls and floor.
The Devoted fell.
He heard a couple shots from Selene and a short burst of return fire. He found her and a dead woman next to the stairs.
“We go up,” he said. He heard no movement on the ground floor.
She nodded. Her eyes were wide with shock but she moved with ease, unhindered.
It would affect her later, he knew. Killing humans, even wretches beyond saving, was not something done lightly or without consequence.
He headed up first, ears twitching. He heard bedsheets moving.
The Devoted were dead.
That only left the vampires.
Frederick and Selen went to each bedroom.
The men within struggled to stand and fight.
Frederick ripped them apart.
Selene kept an eye out.
Sirens could be heard when they entered the last bedroom.
“Wait,” Selene said.
Frederick hesitated.
The man before them stood, eyes half-closed, lips peeled back, revealing fangs.
“What is it?” Frederick snarled.
“I recognize him,” Selene said. “Fuck,” she said, shaking her head. “He works for Marlon.”
Marlon, the local crime boss, involved with vampires.
Frederick ripped the vampire’s head off and let the corpse turn to dust. “Let’s go.”
They rushed back through the home, passing bloody corpses and piles of ash. They raced to the car, Selene to the driver’s seat.
Frederick compacted his large self into the passenger seat and changed back to human. He grabbed a black bag from the back as Selene took off, flashing lights in the rear view mirror, pulling into the driveway.
“They’re not following,” Selene said and gave Frederick a look. “Will you put on some goddamn clothes?”
“Working on it,” Frederick replied. He pulled sweatpants and a sweatshirt out of the bag and put them on.
They drove in silence for a few moments, the adrenaline burst fading, the realization of what they had just done hitting home.
“Marlon and vampires,” Selene said. “Does that mean what I think it means?”
“Either the vampires are infesting organized crime or the crime boss himself is a vampire or….who knows. It’s not good.”
“I figured.”
“It’d make sense though. Vampires like to insinuate themselves into power. Government, the police. Organized crime has a lot of power.”
“Shit,” she said. “This is big.”
“Yes,” he said. “It is.”
“This is a big fucking job.”
“And we’re the only ones who can do it.”

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