Green-Eyed Monster

(This is a double-prompted post. I’ll explain. Blogging101 tasked us (on day eleven, I know I’m way behind) with going to The Daily Post for a prompt, making it personal and writing a post about it, changing it, if need be, for our blogging needs. Considering this blog is mostly about writing and writing fiction specifically, I took it as a creative writing prompt, spinning off from the original idea. I also saw an opportunity to respond to Chuck Wendig’s prompt over at terribleminds, which involved creating a character in less than 250 words. Thanks for reading.)

Gary watched the Gleeson family.

It wasn’t a bad thing. Just weird. He was just weird, that was all.

He watched them when he wasn’t working and when he was working, night shift janitorial duties at the plant, he thought about them. He wondered what they might be dreaming about, or what they might do the next day.

It wasn’t creepy, he told himself, looking in the mirror at night, when his doubts rose. It was just odd.

Interesting. A strange fact about himself. Everyone had their own type of strangeness, right? Their own secrets.

They were nice to watch.

The wife, Janet, beautiful, loving, doting. The children, a son, Donald, and daughter, Sarah, each under the age of ten, wild-eyed and innocent. They loved to laugh and play. The husband and father, Harold…

Gary didn’t like Harold very much.

Harold didn’t know what he had, he didn’t pay attention to his family, didn’t love them as they should be loved.

If Gary were anything more than a little odd…If he ever did anything more than watch, he would show Harold how important, how special Janet, Donald and Sarah really were. Didn’t Harold see the love in his family’s eyes? Didn’t the man care about his family at all?

But Gary wasn’t going to do anything. He watched, that was all.

They were nice to watch, that was all, no big deal, nothing creepy about it.


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