New Projects

I have a problem with constantly starting new projects. Right now I’m restarting my writing blog, I’m writing up posts for a homebrewing blog I hope to start soon, I have an old idea of a blog about my work in special education simmering in my mind that I return to now and again. I have 6-8 short stories, some fully written, others half-written, others needing editing along with 3-4 longer works, some with editing needs, others half-completed. On top of that, I’m trying to follow along with the Blogging 101 August project from The Daily Post.

Then, the other day, when I had some free time, I spent it on a whole new project, an idea of a choose-your-own-horror adventure that I spent an hour or so on before getting stuck. Completely out of the blue, I just started something new rather than working on something old.

Which is why I have so many incomplete projects, which in turn makes it difficult to figure out which to work on. It’s a mess and doesn’t help me get into the habit of writing and working on something daily.

I’ve fallen behind in regular updates to this blog and in completing blogging 101 tasks. I need to catch up and get disciplined. Stop with the jumping to new ideas. It’s hard, new ideas are so full of potential, not yet tarnished by the inadequate work I eventually put into them.

Here’s the plan: When I have an idea, I’ll take no longer than five minutes to scribble down the basics and put it somewhere so that I can return to it when I have time, when I don’t have other things I need to complete.


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