Catching up on Blogging101: Days 1-3

In my last (short) post, I ruminated on the fact that I constantly start new projects only to fall behind on projects I previously started…

Here’s where I catch up in my blogging 101 adventures, Days 1-3.

You might be asking me what Blogging 101 is and why I’m doing it. Blogging 101 is a “course” you, as a blogger, can sign up for. They send you daily assignments to complete which involve maintaining and enhancing your blog, ideas for posts, tasks to complete, etc. While you are doing so, there are many others bloggers also participating that you can interact and communicate with. The idea is to fashion a respectable blog with a solid foundation of posts while creating connections with other fellow bloggers. I figured, since my previous blogging exploits hadn’t gone so well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to give it a go.

The first day’s assignment was to write a post essentially introducing yourself. That’s here, my first post on this blog.

The second day’s assignment was to edit my title and tagline. As I like my title (which I talk about in my first post as well), and I don’t feel the need for a tagline, I felt this task was completed.

The third day was to “Say Hello to the Neighbors,” which meant finding other blogs to follow and read. I found a few interesting writing blogs to follow and read.

So far so good! I thought I was farther behind. Today is day 4, the assignment is to write a blog post to our ideal reader and put a new element into the post, such as a youtube post or some other object. That post will be coming forthwith!


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