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I’m a writer trying to write in the midst of the craziness that is life. I’m one of the thousands of unpublished hacks (Not trying to insult, I love the term ‘hack’) trying to scrabble a story together in the early morning or late evening, carving out an hour here, a few minutes there to craft characters and build worlds.

But I’m not just a writer, just as every other writer is not only a writer. I also work as a paraprofessional in special education, a graduate student and I brew my own beer! I love working in special education even if it doesn’t love me back (financially, that is).  Seeing students who are having the most difficulties succeed in school is a tremendous experience and in another year I hope to be a licensed Special Education teacher of Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities grades 5-12, as well as have my Master’s in Special Education. I’m very excited!

Brewing is its own creative enterprise, a fun hobby that I hope to extrapolate on soon, perhaps in a blog all about home brewing!

jackie chan is so confused

I’m blogging to keep myself accountable, to have somewhere to throw my thoughts, to jot down flash fiction (flashction? BOOM COPYRIGHTED) and ask myself questions about what the hell I’m doing. I’ll write about writing but I’ll also write about my life and how it relates to writing.  I’ll write down my thoughts on a variety of subjects, when and if I feel like it. I’ll regularly put up flash fiction I create from various prompts I find online or out of my own head. I’m going to try to connect to other writers more, be more social on this great big “Series of Tubes” we call the internet so that maybe I won’t be shouting into the void and only hearing echoes back. I’m blogging to throw stuff out there, to collect content I create and to put out thoughts, ramblings and fiction for others to read if they so choose.

My previous blog was a learning experience, an experiment on which to grow. Even though they were only read by a few family and friends, I grew as a writer and a blogger, always learning. Sometimes I would update haphazardly and other times I would have a schedule and routine I stuck to for short times. Another time I wrote a blog post each day for a month almost successfully. I’m still learning and still growing.

The Write First Philosophy

This blog is called Write First, Ask Questions Later and you might be asking why? Was it just a cool (or lame?) title I came up with or does it actually have meaning? I’ll admit at first it was just a name that I liked immediately, a play on the humorous Old West phrase “Shoot first, ask questions later” Only after I’d grasped the name, did I realize its true fit for my philosophy as a writer.

I speak only for myself as a writer but it may be true for others as well. I get bogged down by questions when I try to write. “Is this idea any good? Is that sentence any good? Are these characters fleshed out or cardboard cutouts? How terrible is this writing? Where should I go from here?” The questions go on. They stop me before I begin. Questions of plot, story, characters, theme, style, etc. They stop me before my fingers hit the keyboard and I sit, paralyzed by my inability to answer these questions.

Screw the questions. Write first, the questions can wait. Get it down on paper before you start questioning the quality. WRITE FIRST! WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! Questions are for editing, editing is for later. If I stop before I start, I’ll never go anywhere.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you have ideas, maybe you want to write but the questions stop you. The insecurities, the idea “but I’m not a writer.” Fuck that, says who? You punch your mind in the face when it tells you that. You say “I am a writer and I’m going to write!” Then you write your ass off. Write every day or every other day or once a week, just WRITE. Then the questions can come. Then you can edit what you’ve written and no matter the quality of the content, you can look at pages of text and say, “Hey look, I freakin’ wrote that shit right there. Isn’t that cool?”

I think that’s cool.

(P.S. I promise not to use as much Jackie Chan in other posts….probably)

I love jackie chan


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